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发表时间: 2012-02-20
"London and Hong Kong have much in common - and I am not just referring to our double-decker buses, underground railway and passion for English football. In the same way that London is the financial and business heart of Europe, Hong Kong is Asia's premier international centre for business and finance. And, just like London, Hong Kong is also a meeting point for the world. Both our societies are open, pluralistic and international. They are both supported by world-class infrastructure, advanced communications networks and global connectivity. We like to think of Hong Kong as "Asia's world city". This is represented by the symbol of a colourful flying dragon, which reflects not only Hong Kong's dynamism as a cosmopolitan city, but also our deep-rooted Chinese heritage. Of course, the best way to truly experience Hong Kong's timeless charm is to visit our city. Last year, over half a million British visitors came to Hong Kong for business and pleasure. I hope this "Hong Kong - Live in London!" promotion will inspire you to become one of our new guests, or encourage you to make a return trip. "