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Portal  Hong Kong - Asia's world city

发表时间: 2009-12-02
There was a time, when gateways separated the known from the unknown.

To pass through was to cross the boundary between nature and civilization.

To pass through was to change your destiny forever.

We have crossed the threshold to a world where ancient wisdom meets the new millennium.

Where global is local.
Where distant is present.

The pace quickens.
Horizons expand.
Potential abounds.

Today, we have created the perfect portal for innovation.

For flashes of inspiration. Glimpses of enlightenment.

We create new worlds to explore. And dispatch our thoughts to the four winds.

We are open to the world, open to the future.

Innovation is the new capital.
Talent the new machinery.
Information the new currency.

All is seamless. Transparent.

When East truly meets West,
when the best minds meet and join forces,
a new kind of place comes into being.

Where success is expected.
Where success is applauded.
Where success can be savored.

The goal remains the same.
To strive.
To create.
To say to our posterity: "This have I achieved."

In such a place, the world feels at home.

Such a place is Hong Kong.
A hub for Asia
A gateway to China
A portal to your future.

Hong Kong: Asia's world city