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我的Linksys無線路由器內核升級為DD-WRT v24 SP1

发表时间: 2008-07-30
最近很多事情要忙,沒有天天去關注DD-WRT。今晚忙了點事情后,順便上了DD-WRT的官方網站,看到7月26日那天發布了DD-WRT v24 SP1。我的「IT小白鼠」精神一直未減,下了DD-WRT v24 SP1,停下手邊的事情,更新我的Linksys wrt54gs v2無線路由器內核。
下面轉載DD-WRT關于DD-WRT v24 SP1的官方文章:
DD-WRT v24 SP1

Two months after the release of the milestone v24 we are happy to give a refined release to the public, v24 SP1. Besides the official support of new hardware platforms and the addition of some new features we did enhance the usability and stability of many functions inside DD-WRT. We did also incorporate the patches for the recently published dns exploit issue. We'd like to make clear that the DD-WRT default configuration in v23 / v24 is not vulnerable, so there was and is no risk for dd-wrt users. There was also a security issue in the site survey that is not published yet and is fixed in the v24 SP1.

Thanks to all the people out there that give us reports and did help us identify issues, we are glad that there are so many people that support this project.

(Almost) Complete list of enhancements in v24 SP1:

Special enhancements

ZeroIP in Services->Hotspot added (mini,std special only)
UP/DOWN shaping for ip and mac finally working
Overall enhancements
DNS security fix for dnsmasq
Site Survey security fix (
Passwords longer chan 8 characters are now supported
forced password change on first installation
support for swedish language
enhanced italian language
mac address correction for DIR-400 devices
decrease memory footprint for micro distribution
reintroduce sputnik in micro
sputnik fix for server type
VAP bssid fix for Broadcom devices (fixes various wpa issues)
chillispot key server update to
(changed on request by since is not available anymore)
more flexible openvpn configuration
work around for chillispot crashes, caused by a mikrotik bug
allow more flexible vlan configurations
support for vlan trunking on broadcom switches (except gigabit)
New Hardware supported
support for WRT300 v1.1
support for WRT310N
support for WRT600N v1.1
support for new Netgear, Belkin and USR devices
support for Tonze AP42X (Xscale)
support for Pronghorn SBC (Xscale)
support for Ubiquiti LSX devices
Special enhancaments for atheros based radios

Noise Immunity configuration for atheros cards
RTS/CTS configuration for atheros based cards
performance increase and fixes for atheros cards
TX PA detection for some atheros cards (to adjust displayed output power and to correct power setting)
...and some other hidden, invisible, forgotten enhancements.