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無線路由器內核升級到DD-WRT v24 released

发表时间: 2008-05-17
自從手上的Linksys wrt54gs v2裝上DD-WRT內核后,功能比出廠時強大多了。
DD-WRT v24 released是5月16日發布,今天晚上上DD-WRT官方網站才發現有新版本發布,雖然遲了一天嘗新,但也算趕上這趟車了。
我下的是dd-wrt的VPN版,固件刷新完成后,系統顯示的是DD-WRT v24 (05/16/08) vpn ,這回總算不是RC版本了,DD-WRT的V24居然出了7個試驗版本,從RC1到RC7。我是DD-WRT的重視用戶者,也隨著官方版本持續升級,說白了,我就是一只小白鼠!IT實驗室的小白鼠,給人家當實驗用的。
DD-WRT v24 released 18.05.08
We are very proud to release the final DD-WRT v24 to the public. After months of development and bug fixing we are sure this release is as stable and reliable people expect a DD-WRT major release to be. The v24 binaries are now available in the download section (click here).

DD-WRT v24 offers many new features, on of the most important is support of Atheros wlan chipsets and SOC designs. By supporting special features of the Atheros wireless designs like half- and quarter channels and extended channel support DD-WRT is now perfectly suited for long range wireless links. With this DD-WRT is now also supporting the whole Ubiquity line of wireless products using all available features the hardware offers.

Highlights of DD-WRT v24:
- Virtual SSIDs, Virtual DHCP-Servers, PPTP over WAN enhencements, Bridging + VLAN support, VDSL Support, OLSR-Routing / Freifunk, My Ad Network (powered by AnchorFree), Quaqqa instead of Bird (in X86 + Xscale default),PPPOE-Server, EOIP-Tunnel, Network configuration enhencements, UP-Downstream (QOS), New Packet Scheduler HFSC, Save & Apply, extended DDNS options, extended status information, New Languages

New hardware platforms:
- X86, Avila Gateworks, Atheros Soc (for a list, please look into the Download Section), Compex,Senao, Fonera, Ubiquiti

Thanks for all the help and response we got.